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Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety

Designing and Developing a Global Disaster Management Platform

This workshop provides an overview of the design and development of a Global Disaster Management System, as well as a discussion on Smart Disaster Prevention. The workshop will be delivered in two parts - firstly Part 1 - The Vision for a Global Disaster Management Platform, and Part 2 - Smart Disaster Prevention. Part 1 will present the conceptual model of the Global Disaster Management Platform, and the four components which make up the overall platform: the Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System, the RiskFinder, the Disaster Management Research Register, and the Disaster Management Education Portal. Each of the four components will be presented, demonstrated and discussed. In Part 2 of the workshop, the theme of the conference - Smart Disaster Prevention will be examined and discussed to determine how this could be achieved through a concept such as the Global Disaster Management Platform. Upon completion of this workshop participants should be able to describe attributes of a global disaster management platform application and discuss the concept of smart disaster prevention and how it applies to the global disaster management platform concept. They will have a good understanding of the capabilities, functions and application areas of the existing GDMP components. Participants will also gain insight into the concept of smart disaster prevention, what it means, and how it can be achieved.

時間 Time 議程 Agenda 說明 Detail
13:30~ 13:40 Introduction and terminology a. What do we – and you – mean by a 'Global Disaster Management Platform'?
13:40~ 15:00 Part 1 – The Vision for a Global Disaster Management Platform
◆ GDMP – Requirements
a. At local level
b. At national level
c. At global level
◆ The Global Disaster Management Platform vision
◆ GDMP Component 1 – The Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System
◆ GDMP Component 2 – The RiskFinder System
◆ GDMP Component 3 – The Disaster Management Research Register
15:00~ 15:30 Break
15:30~ 15:50 Part 1 (cont.) – The Vision for a Global Disaster Management Platform ◆ GDMP Component 4 – Disaster Management Teaching and Learning Portal
◆ Upcoming GDMP components and applications
15:50~ 16:50 Part 2 – Smart Disaster Prevention ◆ What is smart disaster prevention and how can we achieve it?
◆ Other 'GDMP' and smart disaster management examples
◆ GDMP: Challenges and Opportunities
Break out groups (Questions 1-4):
1. What are the key challenges for countries when implementing disaster management strategies? What factors should be considered? What is the role of spatial data experts in this regard?
2. What access, policies, and standards should be considered when developing a successful global disaster management platform?
3. What does a global disaster management platform need to include or exclude to support effective disaster management?
4. What opportunities and applications are there for a GDMP?
Each group to report back.
16:50~ 17:00 Concluding remarks



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