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On behalf of Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, R.O.C. it is my honor to announce the GSDI 15 World Conference will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 29th November to 2nd December, 2016.

Taiwan, due to its unique geographic, located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, is frequented by earthquakes. In addition, global warming and climate change have increased the frequency and intensity of the typhoon and torrential rains to the island. With steep landform and short river connections it often causes serious flooding, landslide and debris flow. According to The World Bank Group’s risk analysis report which were conducted in 2005, Taiwan may be the place on Earth most vulnerable to natural hazards, with 73 percent of its land and population exposed to three or more hazards. Therefore, establishing robust spatial data infrastructure and hazard model for disaster prevention and management becomes critical.

Taiwan is also well known as the third largest ICT (Information and Communications Technology) manufacturing country worldwide. With the advantage of ICT and SDI, we create a lot of applications for smart disaster prevention, smart transportation and the smart city to reduce the risk and make a sustainable and resilient society in Taiwan, echoing with the theme of the GSDI 15 World Conference, “Spatial Enablement in the Smart Homeland”. We are keen to share and exchange knowledge and experience with the SDI experts from around the world to strengthen the power of disaster prevention, risk management, and establish a safety, thoughtful and convenient environment for our homeland.

Taiwan is a beautiful island with much unique scenery that you can reach with little travel. We are inviting you to participate in the GSDI 15 World Conference and will ensure you have a wonderful experience in Taiwan.



除了災害頻繁眾所週知之外,臺灣在ICT資通訊產業上世界聞名,是世界第三大製造基地,隨著ICT資通訊與SDI空間資料基礎建設的運用,我們在智慧災防、智慧交通與智慧城鄉建立了許多應用機制,以降低風險建立永續與彈性的環境,與GSDI協會第15屆國際研討會主題「Spatial Enablement in Smart Homeland」相呼應。我們熱切期盼與國際SDI專家分享交換知識與經驗,以強化災害預防與災害管理能量,在我國建立安全、貼心與便利的環境。





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