Hidenori Tamagawa


Hidenori Tamagawa graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1980 and earned a doctor of engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1987. After becoming an assistant professor (in 1984) and associate professor (in 1991) in the Department of Architecture, Niigata University, associate professor (in 1999) at the Graduate School of Urban Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University, his now a professor in the Department of Urban System Science at the Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University, with specialty of Urban and Regional Analysis and Urban and Regional Planning. His recent studies were as below: Basic behavior and characteristics of urban model, Analysis of urban physical pattern and its interface with planning, and Practical Use of geographic information system. He currently is also the member of advisory board from City Planning Institute of Japan. In addition he was appointed as vice president of Geographic Information Systems Association. He also related to the associations as Architectural Institute of Japan, Real Estate Science Association of Japan, and Operations Research Society of Japan.




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